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Optoma True 4K UHD delivers twice the pixels of 4K Pro UHD

4K UHD resolution delivers sharper, life-like images and richer colours - allowing you to sit closer to the screen and enjoy a more immersive experience. Optoma projectors use DLP® technology, pioneered by Texas Instruments* and provide Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® approved True 4K UHD resolution, capable of projecting 8.3 million active pixels on-screen. That’s four times more detail than Full HD 1080p and more than two times the detail of 4K Pro UHD technology, which delivers just 4.1 million pixels.

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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) created the 4K Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) specification. A display system may be referred to as 4K UHD if it meets the minimum performance attributes – this includes a display resolution of at least 8 million active pixels (at least 3840 horizontally x 2160 vertically).

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What is native 4K?

Native 4K has a fixed pixel structure of 4096 horizontal x 2160 vertical. Optoma 4K UHD DLP® projectors use less pixels and pixel pulsing technology (pixel shifting) to deliver 8.3 million on-screen pixels for accurate, razor sharp, superior quality images.

Is 4K UHD true 4K?

According to the CTA the answer is yes.

Note: Pixel shifting is far superior when compared to “e-shift”, “4K enhanced” and “4K Pro UHD”.

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What is DLP 4K UHD with XPR technology?

An advanced single-chip DMD DLP® design capable of generating 8.3 million on-screen pixels for impeccable precision and detail at four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p.

Please note: the video illustrations do not reflect the real-life speed – they have been slowed to demonstrate the different technologies more clearly.

Ultimate clarity

Optoma’s True 4K UHD projectors deliver clear and crisp true-to-life images by leveraging its DLP® 4K UHD chip and XPR technology.

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Impeccable detail

Experience high-definition accuracy and clarity with razor sharp text and visuals


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Data source: PMA Research: Worldwide Projector Census, Y2022
*DLP® and the DLP logo are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments.